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The 16th Player
Net supports that collapse, lockers that fall, motor oil on the court, and balls covered with glass slivers: someone was very angry. Meet the squad of the Marina Valkyries individually and as a team. Help Phyllis solve a mystery set on a college campus before someone is hurt permanently.
World Class Competition
Sixteen countries, 32 teams, thousands of spectators on a Cuban beach, plus a dead American, and Phyllis Ludwigsohn is once again in pursuit of a killer.
Sideout for Murder
Nothing better than a sunny day at the beach--at least once you find a place to park. Women's championship volleyball and murder.   
Soccer Moms
One of the soccer moms was a murderer and two of the soccer moms were already dead. Phyllis not only has a team of sixteen ten-year olds to coach, but two cases to solve plus a full time job. A friend with Asperger' syndrome may or may not prove the ideal helper.
Singles Cruise
Paul Anders (gentleman host) and Phyllis Ludwigsohn (caretaker and private eye) team up to solve a series of killings while on board a singles' cruise for gays and lesbians.
Ocean Beach
Tied to a surfboard and left to die 100 yards from shore. Competitor after competitor disappears from the Women's Beach Volleyball tournament. Phyllis can stop the serial killer(s), if, that is, she lives long enough.
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