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by Phillip Good

Like many older men, Phillip was having trouble remembering numbers and relating names to faces. He wasn't at all surprised when he couldn't remember the woman's name, but, his wife?

Susan made an excellent wife--she loved to cook and to cuddle. Perhaps, Phillip should have married her to begin with. Then she wouldn't have had to lie.

Lynn, his real wife, had warned Phillip what would happen if she caught him with another woman. When he didn't come home, she simply changed the locks and tried, unsuccessfully, to forget.

All Phillip's clothing was brand new, his shirts, his underwear, and he'd never worn boxers in his life. Now, if he could just find his car keys. "I knew what my name was; it was on my driver's license; but the address, in another town, was years out of date. I didn't know where I lived or who I lived with, or whether and where I had a job."

When Phillip goes north to San Francisco looking for himself, Susan, Lynn, and Jennifer, Phillip's oldest daughter take off in hot pursuit. "We were the worst of traveling companions; we couldn't even agree on what radio station to listen to. My sister Megan, still angry with our father, wished us well but told me frankly she didn't care what happened to him."

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