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San Onofre  by Phillip Good

A chance encounter with members of an Anti-Nuclear commune leads 30-year old Poul Anders to apply for a position at the San Onofre CA nuclear power plant. The commune’s plan calls for Poul to trigger a "small" nuclear explosion that will lead to the closing of all nuclear power plants.

Poul's mother died as the result of radiation poisoning, a strong motive for sabotage. But Poul is not a particularly good saboteur. He is easily distracted, by girls for example, and by the work itself.

San Onofre traces Poul's gradual penetration of the reactor complex through the initial interview, the security check, the psychiatrist, the simulated alert, the red-badge training sessions, till the murder outside the control room.

Secondary characters include Thor, a failed psychologist who dominates the anti-nuclear commune, Art Walker, the project supervisor who must make the final decision whether to close the plant, Pat McGowan, the over-sexed grandmother who takes Poul under her wing and into her bed, Mr. X, the for-hire saboteur who is willing to complete the job when Poul is not, and Marie Ramierez, the coworker with whom Poul falls in love.

The author of San Onofre was responsible for monitoring the loose thermal shield in San Onofre Unit One until its closure.

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