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Side Out for Murder by Paula Murphy

A beautiful day at the beach, and a women's professional volleyball tournament ends with the death of Barbara Dahl the tournament favorite. Fortunately, I have a list of suspects:

  • ­­JoAnne Greene, Barbara Dahl's coach, is a media personality. JoAnne's female house guests don't approve of me.
  • ­Erica Mueller, Barbara's opponent in that final match, complained Barbara was cheating and threatened to kill her. Erica has exquisite taste, a breath that smells of peaches. She may not care for me now, but who can tell about the future?
  • ­­Diana Purdy, the umpire, is very attractive and very married. A crack shot, she works out each day on the rifle range.
  • ­­Sara Newcombe, Erica's partner in the tournament, also is very attractive and, I hope, very available. But was that Sara I saw running down the hall nude in Erica Mueller's apartment?
  • ­­Dee-Dee Williams, a world-class athlete, is one of the few black girls on the professional circuit. She played on Barbara's team in high school, which ought to have made them friends. ­

And there is Marvin the Agent, self-styled head of the "World Volleyball Association," and confounder of "Barbara's Kids." I loved those kids the moment I saw them and, though all I have is a photograph and the memory of seeing Barbara play that one day on the beach, I fell in love with her, too.

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