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Rodeo  by Luke Jackson
Armstrong TX is not on the main rodeo circuit, which explains how a beatup bronc rider like Larry Miller was able to wangle an invitation, all expenses paid. He didn't last out the ten seconds of his first ride but ended in the infirmary where he met Martha Daniels who has short hair, slim hips, and a mouth that tastes like peaches.

He met her again at the Longhorn Dance Hall, where she invited him to go with her to church that Sunday. But when he showed up at her door, the only one home was her thirteen-year old son Tim, all arms and legs and the common sense of a month-old spaniel.

While searching for Martha, Larry must continue to compete in the rodeo, keep Tim out of misadventures, fight off the advances of two nymphomaniac housewives, and break up a drug distribution ring. Unfortunately, Artie Daniels, Martha's ex-husband, doesn't pay for the dope he buys or return the money he borrows to pay for it. Threats come from every direction, but Larry does make one important new friend, Lionel, a 6' 3" 250 pound enforcer for a loan shark. More important, he finds a way to come to grips with his own aging body and his need for a new career.

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