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New This Month: Confessions of a Gentleman Host

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I Love You Maggie
First love against a background of the racial integration movement in New Orleans in 1960/61.
In Search of Aimai Cristen
A nineteen-year old girl finds her identity in the '00's while tracing her father's search for identity in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1960's.
My War. Book I: The Pilot
Four books tell the story of a bilingual Canadian pilot in the Second World War. Book The Pilot follows him through basic training till the retreat from Dunkirk.
The Sheriff of River County
Crime fiction. Stories of county politics, domestic violence, hit and run investigations, strikes, strike breakers, and clashes with the Feds.
My War. Book II: Mad Harry
Four books tell the story of a bilingual Canadian pilot in the Second World War.   Mad Harry covers the German raid on the Isle of Guernsey and the Battle of Britain.
My War. Book III: Alps and Pyranees
 The Alps and The Pyranees describes the exploits of a bilingual Canadian pilot  in Vichy and Occupied France.
My War. Book IV: The Island
Shot down by friendly fire returning from France on D-Day, then promoted to squadron leader, Peter supervises the peacetime transition of Guernsey.   
Sad and Angry Man
Still our most popular title: A 55,000-word novel of black and white, male and female relations, set in contemporary small-town Georgia.
Le Choix erroné
A French Canadian finds love while spying for the Confederacy at Bull Run, Shiloh, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Chancellorsville. 
Confessions of a Gentleman Host
Will playing a country song backwards bring your wife back? An unemployed male dances to the Antarctic flirting every step of the way.