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College for Spies  by Zac Horowitz

How can a country conceal defense-related research in an era of computer-assisted pattern recognition and twice-daily satellite over flights?

David Marston has the answer: A top-secret research center constructed beneath an ordinary college campus, and a tiger town staffed by security personnel. Alas, David is fired when he forgets the college is only a cover, not an end in itself.

Goreff is also at odds with his Russian bosses. When he discovers an unusual pattern of enrollment at a U.S. college, his superiors in KGB intelligence won't listen. He goes underground in the U.S.A. to check out the new college for himself.

Beverley spends her days in counter-intelligence beneath the new science building, her evenings unwinding at the Bar-B dance hall. She thought J.D. and David would help her stop the leak, but J.D. is dead and Dave's houseguest, Professor Goreff, is a known Soviet agent!

Can Beverly keep Goreff from finding out the truth about the College? Can she reform David? And will she find and stop the Red Queen from contacting the Russian, Chinese, and Arab agents that are converging on the campus?

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Rating: Mature                                                     Price: $2.99   

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