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Blind Man's Buff  by Paul Anders

Helping blind Paul Anders find a boyís mother (see Blind Man and the Bimbo) convinced his helper Marcie that she ought to be a detective. Her first assignment, to investigate a series of warehouse robberies, results in an attempt on Paulís life. To keep her and Paul out of further harmís way, the detective agency sends the unlikely pair to investigate repeated acts of sabotage in a nudist camp.

Paul soon stumbles on the saboteurs and trails them up a mountain path. Clubbed unconscious, he wakes to find himself at the mercy of some sharp-hoofed ostriches.

Despite continued opposition from the camp authoritiesóin part the result of Paulís being caught outside the camp while still nude, he continues with the investigation. The trail leads to a religious retreat led by Paulís old nemesis the Reverend Boyle. Drugged and tied to a chair in the Temple sanctuary, death seems inevitable, until Helen, Paulís new friend, comes to lead him to safety. The problem is that she seems to knows too much, may not be as innocent and as loving as she seems.

Together, Paul and Marcie solve both the warehouse and nudist cases, but not before the Reverend kills again.

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