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In Search of Aimai Cristen by Phillip Good

A year ago, Diana decided to return home, get a teaching credential, and work with kids as mixed up as herself. Going through the boxes in the garage, the stuff her family had been lugging around for as long as she could remember, she found a record of another dropout from another generation. Her father's Berkeley Barb articles were in those boxes, along with some short-story attempts, and the responses to Aimai Cristen's ad in the Barb's personal column. She wanted to discuss them. Her professor father was reluctant, afraid where their discussions might lead.

" Young attractive girl, 24, searching for love, compassion, joy from a man who can provide financial security. Write Aimai Cristen, Barb Box 3689, Barb Office, 1234 University Ave, Berkeley CA 94709."

An odyssey through the late 1960's from L.A.'s Shrine Auditorium to Berkeley and Altamont, this novel describes a daughter's search today for her father and herself. 

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Rating : parental guidance

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